Smile Stain Remover

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Come in & remove the staining from your "Smile Line" teeth for a more confident smile!

1) Didn't have time at your last cleaning to remove all the staining?

2) Had a recent cleaning, but you can't help that your life style involves staining beverages?

This appointment will focus on all the staining surfaces, so you can leave with a BRIGHTER SMILE!


Stain removal from "smile line" teeth ONLY, for upper & lower front teeth.

Light cavitron usage above the gum line

• Light hand scale above the gum line

• A polishing touch for the final step!

• Oral Hygiene Instructions & Hygiene education by Mel, RDH.

(This does not replace a "dental cleaning", please make sure to be up to date on your continuing care appointments or I can help schedule you for a future cleaning if needed)