Dental Hygiene Cleaning • Second Opinion

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Have you been diagnosed with a dental hygiene cleaning that you believe you don't need and/or don't understand the dental hygiene cleaning you were presented?

Mel,RDH will confirm the diagnoses that you need for your dental hygiene services in just 20-30 mins!


1) 4 Radiographs (XRAYS/ BWXS) (To look for calculus "Hard Plaque" below the gum line)

2) Digital photographs of the teeth & gums (for educational purposes)

3) Full Periodontal Charting (To measure possible bone loss, tissue attachment & overall tissue health)

4) Intra/Extra Oral screening of the tissues 

5) Patient will be sent home with a print out of the recommended dental hygiene services. (No cleanings will be completed this day)

If patient chooses to stay with Mel,RDH, Mel's team will schedule him/her for Mel's next dental hygiene opening.